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Custom Air Handling Units

(up to 110,000 CFM)

Raised Floor Air Products
(up to 35,000 CFM)
Overhead distribution column units
(up to 25,000 CFM)
Energy Recovery Units
Modular Air Units
(up to 110,000 CFM)
Compact Air Units
(8 standard sizes – 600 to 8,800 CFM)
Custom Air Handling Units
(up to 110,000 CFM)
Air Rotation Units
(up to 80,000 CFM)
Redundant Fan and Coil Air Units
(up to 30,000 CFM)
Computer Room
Air Conditioning Units
Roof Top Air Handling Units
(up to 180,000 CFM)
Hospital Grade Air Units
(up to 60,000 CFM)

The rugged, versatile design of our custom AHUs provides the consulting engineer with outstanding flexibility and high quality durability. Our product design provides an infinite number of arrangements that meet the demands of any project. We offer 2”-6” Double Wall Casing as well as Energy Recovery and Enthalpy/Dessicant Wheels. Some of our standard features include:

  • Independently tested sound data to produce an average NC40 in the office space adjacent to the mechanical room
  • The use of ARI Certified coils, AMCA Certified fans, UL Certified heaters and ETC certification
  • A casing leakage design of 1% or less at 10.0” W.G. and panel deflection not to exceed 1/200th of an inch

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Photo of Custom Air Handling Unit built for Shell's deepwater subsea station

If the world’s deepest subsea station uses Air Zone technology, shouldn’t your company? Click here to learn more.

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