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Raised Floor Air Products

(up to 35,000 CFM)

Raised Floor Air Products - The New Approach  
Raised Floor Air Products
(up to 35,000 CFM)
Overhead distribution column units
(up to 25,000 CFM)
Energy Recovery Units
Modular Air Units
(up to 110,000 CFM)
Compact Air Units
(8 standard sizes – 600 to 8,800 CFM)
Custom Air Handling Units
(up to 110,000 CFM)
Air Rotation Units
(up to 80,000 CFM)
Redundant Fan and Coil Air Units
(up to 30,000 CFM)
Computer Room
Air Conditioning Units
Roof Top Air Handling Units
(up to 180,000 CFM)
Hospital Grade Air Units
(up to 60,000 CFM)

This line of our floor-by-floor air handling products is specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of underfloor air systems. Our raised floor line, like all of our equipment, is designed to have low fan energy, have very quiet operation, and have a compact space footprint. Most of our equipment is vertical in dimension until approximately 18,000 CFM, upon which our design becomes horizontal.

List of raised floor installationsView our Applications for Raised Floor Air Products

Environmental Air Towers (Columns)

This compact AHU is designed to deliver air into a raised floor plenum while using up to three different air streams: economizer systems, primary pre-treated air, and a mixture of bypass space return air and return air chilled using either chilled water or DX coils. Our environmental towers are rated NC 40 or lower. The unit casing is 2” double wall, and we include many features that make our equipment durable and easy to maintain. Our patented roll-out fan assembly design makes building engineers smile.

Environmental Air Towers
Photos of Environmental Air TowersEnvironmental Air Tower UnitsEnvironmental Air Tower UnitsEnvironmental Air Tower Units

Mixed Air Tower Units

This compact AHU was our original product offering for our raised floor series. This unit mixes a primary air stream (pre-treated) with the space return air. The unit is constructed with a separate duct collar with low leak opposing blade damper (typically installed in the top of the unit). A quiet direct drive plenum fan draws the mixed air streams through MERV 13 filters and discharges the air at 62 degrees into the raised floor plenum. Air Zone was the first to market an acoustical deflector in the base to control noise.

Mixed Air Tower Units
Mixed Air Tower UnitsMixed Air Tower UnitsMixed Air Tower UnitsMixed Air Tower Units

Perimeter Solution Units

This design approach utilizes two options:
1) our smaller column units located on the perimeter of the space, discharging into a portioned raised floor plenum which avoids the use of underfloor fan powered boxes or
2) the use of series fan-induced terminals to provide heating for overhead distribution perimeters when column units are utilized to supply air underfloor.

Horizontal Air Units

Air Zone has a long history of making quality horizontal units for UFAD systems. When larger CFMs are necessary, Air Zone can produce horizontal air units for raised floor discharge of up to 35,000 CFM. These units are constructed from 4” double wall, utilize a direct drive quiet plenum fan, and have a bellmouth discharge, resulting in quiet performance that customers expect from Air Zone. Certified sound test data is available up to 25,000 CFM.

Horizontal Air Units

Vertical and Horizontal Dual Flow Units Designed for Simultaneous Overhead and Underfloor Distribution (top and bottom discharge) up to 30,000 CFM

Treating the perimeter has long been a challenge in underfloor air systems. Air Zone now offers a revolutionary design that accomplishes the best of both worlds: an upflow (or blow-through) unit to serve overhead perimeter, adjoined to our downflow (or draw-though) unit to serve the underfloor interior zone. Air Zone offers this product in two styles – a) the upflow side with a cooling deck only for use when economizer systems are used or b) the upflow side with neutral and cold deck with multi-zone discharge dampers. Perimeter heating is accomplished downstream from the unit with series or parallel fan powered boxes. This unit lowers cost and simplifies installation with only one cooling coil.

Vertical Dual Flow Units


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