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Redundant Fan and Coil Air Units

(up to 30,000 CFM)

Raised Floor Air Products
(up to 35,000 CFM)
Overhead distribution column units
(up to 25,000 CFM)
Energy Recovery Units
Modular Air Units
(up to 110,000 CFM)
Compact Air Units
(8 standard sizes – 600 to 8,800 CFM)
Custom Air Handling Units
(up to 110,000 CFM)
Air Rotation Units
(up to 80,000 CFM)
Redundant Fan and Coil Air Units
(up to 30,000 CFM)
Computer Room
Air Conditioning Units
Roof Top Air Handling Units
(up to 180,000 CFM)
Hospital Grade Air Units
(up to 60,000 CFM)

For applications such as 911 centers, data centers, emergency rooms, refineries and other applications requiring redundant fans and coils, Air Zone offers a truly unique, economical and quality solution. Our custom AHU provides continuously conditioned air while allowing certain ones of the components to be taken out of service.

We manufacture a dual redundant AHU with isolation dampers between the filter and coil sections allowing for up to 4 different air paths. Isolation opposed blade dampers are provided for isolating one of the air handling units, when not operating, from the other air handling unit when it is operating. This allows one of the air handling units to be selectively operated while the other is out of service for maintenance or repair.

First and second air dampers are selectively moveable between open positions, in which air may be drawn through its respective AHU, and closed positions, in which air flow is blocked from its respective AHU. Backdraft dampers are also provided for each AHU on the discharge side. The backdraft dampers of the non-operating unit close in response to operation of the other unit to prevent reverse circulation of air flow through the nonoperating unit. Coil sections can support two different refrigerant systems: chilled water or DX.

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