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Compact Air Units

(8 standard sizes – 600 to 8,800 CFM)

Raised Floor Air Products
(up to 35,000 CFM)
Overhead distribution column units
(up to 25,000 CFM)
Energy Recovery Units
Modular Air Units
(up to 110,000 CFM)
Compact Air Units
(8 standard sizes – 600 to 8,800 CFM)
Custom Air Handling Units
(up to 110,000 CFM)
Air Rotation Units
(up to 80,000 CFM)
Redundant Fan and Coil Air Units
(up to 30,000 CFM)
Computer Room
Air Conditioning Units
Roof Top Air Handling Units
(up to 180,000 CFM)
Hospital Grade Air Units
(up to 60,000 CFM)

When space is at a premium, our line of compact air units is ready for the job. Our high quality construction, quiet operation and small size compact units are offered with the following options:

  • Vertical or Horizontal
  • Indoor or Outdoor design
  • CW or DX Cooling with 304 Stainless Steel drain pan
  • Hot Gas Reheat
  • Electric, Water or Steam Heat
  • Steam Grid Humidifier
  • Double Wall Construction
  • Factory installed valve and piping
  • Factory installed controls furnished by others
  • 4" MERV 13 filters
  • Final filtration downstream of the fan
  • Multiple Fans on a Single Shaft

Compact Air UnitCompact Air Unit
Compact Air Unit Product Catalogue

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