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Hospital Grade Air Units

(up to 60,000 CFM)

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(up to 35,000 CFM)
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(up to 25,000 CFM)
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Hospital Grade Air Units
(up to 60,000 CFM)

Our custom designed air unit is offered in either vertical or horizontal design and is ideal for applications requiring high air exchanges and laminar flow. Our units come with MERV 14 and higher final filtration, compact footprints, direct drive quiet plenum fans and optional steam humidifiers.

Product Features and Common Options Available from Air Zone:

  • Direct Drive Plenum Fan, eliminating belt dust and improving operating efficiency
  • UVGI downstream of the cooling coil and interlocked with the door. Built in energy conservation feature turns lights off when fan is off
  • HEPA filtration downstream of the fan for high-risk areas
  • Steam grid humidifier factory furnished and installed to maintain humidity levels between 30-60% in order to inhibit bacterial multiplication
  • Cooling coil with CW or DX, 304 SS casing and triple sloped drain pan
  • Factory installed controls
  • Triple redundant fans and coils for 24 hour operation
  • 304 & 316 Stainless and Aluminum casing options
  • 2” or 4” Double Wall
  • Electric Heat
  • True “Thermal Break” septum casing design at the doors, base and ceiling
  • Satisfactory leak testing to 12” water pressure
  • Vertical applications for confined spaces with high rates of air exchange
  • Easy filter access with slide out filter rack

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